To be read aloud to the tune of 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky.

There’s lots of sheep here in Australia
The Murray’s deep here in Australia
There’s lots of wallabies and kangaroos
There’s lots of wombats and goannas too
Although we don’t have hippopotamus
There is, of course, the duck billed platypus
The flightless emu on the black soil plain
And lots of dust and very little rain
We have a huge rock we call Uluru
And then of course we have the Olgas too
The Barrier Reef, The Great Australian Bight
And do we think they’re bloody good – too right!
We have the Harbour Bridge and Opera House
The Giant Pineapple is really grouse
The Gold Coast and the Northern Territory
And Oodnadatta and Jerilderie
I love the climate down in Melbourne Town
The way the temperature goes up and down
One day it’s cold and then the next it’s not
It’s windy, icy cold then bloody hot
It’s very flat out on the Nullarbor
Flat desert, straggly trees and not much more
And though the cliffs are an amazing sight
Along the shore the Great Australian Bight

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  • Donalkd Vuck on Mar 29, 2008

    Dear Sir-man, This poem remionds me of my sister and my step-mother. Both their names are Olga.

    I climbed up my step-motgher to get onto my roof to fix up the falling tiles. She didn’t appreciate it.

    Your poem romonds me of a joke.

    What’s the difference between a grape and a mailbox?
    A mailbox doesn’t appeal.

  • myron on Mar 29, 2008

    Hi Barry – This poem comes to a rather abrupt end. Have you left anything off?

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