Having witnessed war in my country and heard of the wars in other parts of the world,i wrote this poem to highlight the problems people underwent and will still face when countries engage in wars.

Because of greed and selfishness

Because of the earthly and ill gotten wealth

Because of discontent

Because we are brothers,

With different complexion,


That I sleep on the street with no name

But a street urchin!

Sleeping on corridors with no bedding

Catching cold and Pneumonia

Neither home nor shelter

Roaming from one refuge camp to the other

In my motherland am an alien

Because you destroyed the only home I knew


That today am an orphan

Neither mother nor father,

No brothers or sisters

Because you slaughtered them in cold blood

Like cattle in a slaughter house

Without any sense of guilt


That I don’t know how to read and write

Not because I am dumb, you burnt my school,

And forbade education, it was an abomination


That I eat with the dogs and pigs

Neither food nor water but filth

That I walk in tatters with jiggers in my feet

Lice and bedbugs on my hair

I stink like a skunk and my stench sends people away

Water is hard to come by

And bathing is luxury


That I am an outcast-no sense of belonging

With no sight and legs amputated

You treat me like trash

And you never give me way on the busy roads

I have to give way to your vehicles

Inhaling all the fumes and dirty water splashed on me

Painfully, I crawl between your legs to find my way

Tearfully and patiently waiting,

For a well-wisher to help me cross to the other side


That I am in a Mental Hospital, mistaken to be a psychopath

But no one understands that the ugly incidents,

During the war torment me,

People screaming for help with bullets embedded into

Their chests and skulls, in lake of blood

Am diffident and incessantly talk to myself, knowing too well,

That the future is pretty black,

Not promising at all


You have no conscience, you are inhuman

Are you happy and satisfied?



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