The animal inside that comes out to show its burning side, yearning to be extinguished by a lover.

Though you are far away,

I find myself needing you each day.

The desire that haunts me

is like a fire.

There is no quenching its thirst.

The constant yearning

makes me want

to howl at the moon.

The animal inside

is fresh and raw.

I feel that I may die

if I don’t climb this wall.

There are mountains

and valleys that separate us,

but there is a pure connection,

that links our spirits together.

The slightest detection

starts my thoughts to racing.

Every nerve ending in my body,

is crying out to be released,

but  continues, keeping up the increase.

Pure animalistic desire,

that is potent like a live wire.

What shall I do?

I am beside myself

and feeling rather desperate.

The very center of this burning pit

begs to be put out.

Please extinguish this

out of control flame,

and for you -

I will do the same.

I long to be tickled

by your manly scent,

and by this alone, is evidence

that you are a bonified gent.

The tension has made me physically ill,

to the point of overkill.

I am tormented to say the least

by this gorgeous - yet ugly beast.

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