This poem is about the beauty of Fall which the poet Nelly Bly witnesses
while walking through nature.

           Fall has its unique beauty; it is a beautiful woman in disguise.

          Each tree of autumn is a woman in disguise, with its breasts

          bulging out decorated in gold, copper, bright reds, and marigold.

          At times, the trees of autumn are wearing beautiful shimmering

          earrings that dance  to the sentimental music of the wind.

          The ground is covered with a carpet of leaves with colors of copper, red,

           and marigold.

           Everywhere I walk, I witness the glistening of opals, gold, and copper

           What a beauty autumn is!

            It is a middle- aged woman who shares  its wiles and charms through

            its spectacular ornaments, the colorful leaves.

           Fall, then goes into comatose and the white powerful glistening beauty

           of the fair maiden of winter takes over.    

            Winter then moves its white wand over the world as autumn hides

            its colorful wand from the world.              

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