A man loses more than his love.

He sits and thinks of man he used to know
That met a girl who’d one day change his life
He promised her he’d never let her go
As time went by engaged her as his wife
The day was blessed by sound of wedding bells
When on a book he swore they’d never part
He still recalls the feelings and the swells
This love to whom he’d dedicate his heart
It’s still unclear when challenges began
With each regret came worse one than before
Heartaches and tears was not within their plan
So all they were was swept through open door
Funeral bells were mourning on that day
When he and layers signed a man away

Liked it
  • Kai Vicky on Aug 18, 2012

    Quite a meaningful poem. And a good one as usual.

  • Jswana on Aug 18, 2012

    Beautiful and of course, sad, but beauty in its expression. Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Tulan on Aug 18, 2012

    Sad, and it happens to the best of us.

  • smokychristine on Aug 18, 2012

    Which is worse: death or the death of love? Very emotional poem.

  • norlaw on Aug 18, 2012

    Very good

  • herjave01 on Aug 18, 2012

    Heart-touching. I would not know what to do if either love dies or someone I love dies. It would all be too much.

  • lauralu on Aug 18, 2012

    You have depths and realms still to write about that some will never reach ^_^

  • lapasan on Aug 19, 2012

    A happy union that ended in sorrow.

  • JCEvangelista on Aug 19, 2012

    Good job :)

  • Eiddwen on Aug 19, 2012

    Grat work as always Martin.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  • Eiddwen on Aug 19, 2012

    Grat work as always Martin.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  • Eiddwen on Aug 19, 2012

    Great work as always Martin.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  • gaby7 on Aug 19, 2012

    Very captivating!

  • JCEvangelista on Aug 20, 2012

    Dark. Great work martin!

  • Kristie Claar on Aug 20, 2012


  • Marquis de Joker on Sep 17, 2012

    Forrest Gump: Mama always said, dying was a part of life.

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