How it’s tied into the creative process.

The best road still lays ahead,
Before and after me in time,
Spread the dreams I have lived,
And the ones I have dreamed.
Ah to distinguish the sought after,
And the keen meandering.
Forward and back,
Not relying heavily upon memory.
Following inner energy.
Holding strong to connectivity.
Creativity staying aloof,
From too much objectivity.
Holding withdrawing at bay.
In the sun all day I try to stay.
Plenty of hours at night to play.
Moving obstacles from,
Impeding my way.
Trying not to stray.
Connectivity please stay.
Attention an will.
Holding forth right the jewel of,
Shiva’s third eye.
Looking into the grail stone chalice.
Drinking deeply from the cup.
Lodestone loaded connectivity.
Universal energy renegotiated.

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