Poem about an african
and his Black Badge!

I was born with scent

of wild flowers in the air

The smell of wood fires

and the cooking pot

I was born to proud of the

Black badge of my skin

My first tears flowed

From the sting of smokes,

from the pain of the thorns

‘in my naked small feet.

How I hated,at first,

The long hours,

Herding cattle,

But I love the hills,

and the river-When it gave me fish!

I learned to listen

To the songs of birds,

To watch the colours,

Of dawn and sunset.

I learned to lovev

The land that gave me

My own black Badge

The black badge of Africa.

Liked it
  • GTSgirl456 on Jul 30, 2010

    everyone comment please!

  • Tisk tisk on Nov 11, 2011

    Are you trying to claim this as your own?? You may have changed a few words but this is in no way your own work. You have ripped it off a young guy from Africa that was featured on a television show. What a joke.

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