A somewhat slam poem, I think. (Video of me reading is on Facebook)

In this box

         Put the shocks and the secrets

                   Emitted and omitted

Keep it, or say it with impact

Dwelling on the unfulfilled

            It pays in ways

                        Searching for more to build

A sore guild to deplore

We put memories and masterpieces

             Trying times and times spent trying

                         Our fear, glory, pain, and smiles

Staying only a while, in style

In planes, cars, and roller coasters

            We move with shut eyes

                       Add hysterics and hoaxes

The kind found only with travel

We progress, unraveled

        With our feet on rough gravel

             Scuffed, but tough enough

To break our habits

And you in the back

      The dark corner’s wallpaper

              Can only fill it with a jolt of adrenaline

Blinding yourself with the light of involvement

Never empty, ever thirsty

            So let it drink and think and sync to experience

                        Because once you blink

You’ll find out nothing has happened since

Everything burnt or buried

            Reflections of time carried

                        Married to final memories

Deposited before the top shuts

Liked it
  • Mary Patricia Bird on Apr 7, 2011

    I loved listening to this better than reading it. An excellent poem. :)

  • Tim Foulds on Apr 20, 2011

    Great poem, great ideas! It would be really good if you could please check out poems. I’d love to have some comments.
    Thank you.

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