The Captains’ Creed.

Set sail upon this vessel

to search the wind swept sea.

Let not loneliness,

nor sorrow drag us to a knee;

Such piss poor, pathetic souls

daren’t mingle amongst

this hardened crew ~

Our fortune is from plunder

and our voices roar as thunder,


Cowards cower in our wake.

All is ours for the take!

Through torrent storms

and violent winds,

remain rigid as a stone!

Not a single scream,

nor moan

shall shatter the silence

of this chosen night;

Not if rogue waves tatter

this beloved brigantine

with blind might!

I am your Captain,

draw the anchor high!

Does any man think himself

more capable than I?

Then, …I’ll rip a gaping hole

straight through your soul

with my blood stained whip!

The fuckin’ devil himself

commands this dreaded ship.

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