A player plays, while the girls thing he’s changed. They refuse to see the truth, until it’s too late and he’s long gone and they’re on the verge of breaking. Sad, but true, it happens all the time. You’re alone together, doors closed, and he seems so great you forget when that door opens and you’re not alone; he’s back to his games.

He got into trouble –
that’s how the girls fall…
Then he played them,
And broke them;
From the inside out.
Just threw them around.
And the sad thing is;
They didn’t even know
They got played
They got used
Because that sweet,
Kept them blind as a bat.
While the bad things he did,
Strung them along…
Like a leash on a dog.

But somehow she felt
It was all just an act.
When the door’s wide open,
He doesn’t give a damn.
But once that door shuts,
He’s a different boy.

But never a man…

He acts all cool,
Acts all smooth,
Without an ounce of acting tough.
No, not while that door’s shut.
He’s a sweetie,
He’s a lover…
(Ha!) He’s a no good, goddamn liar.

Soon as you open that door,
Like the spell is broken,
He changes back again.
You can walk away
But don’t bother
Stopping and looking back, toward him
With any ounce of hope that he’s looking towards you…
Because the reality might burn you;
You don’t get a second glance, girl,
When there’s nothing more in it for him that night…
But the next morning,
You can bet he’ll call again.
To make sure you’re happy.
Make sure you’re willing,
To play the game again.
Until your vision starts to arise…
And ceases to blur…
And you look at him,
And finally think;

What the hell am I doing,
Being with a player like you?
What kind of fool am I,
To fall for your silly tricks?
But now that I can see,
It’s time for us to part…
Good bye my sweet illusion,
Hope one day I’ll find the real thing…

Liked it
  • Ubel Ein on Oct 25, 2010

    Another great poem… A tale of torment.

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