The cowboy has a legacy that has been passed on through the ages. It may not be a job that pays well but the rewards are greater than any paycheck!

He pulls his hat down low against the chill of the storm,

The numb fingers that hold the reins forgot what it was like to be warm;

The blowing snow and freezing rain steal his breath away,

But he knows that being a cowboy, it’s worth the price that you pay;

A worn out calf is stretched across his lap on either side,

Her head resting on his thigh just going along for the ride;

Her momma just like him had been caught out in the gale,

It’s just another story to add to the cowboy’s tale;

His face is hard and beaten from too many days in the sun,

From early mornings and late nights workin’ til a job is done;

But being a working cowboy surely has its rewards,

Riding forgotten country that has never been explored.

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