A short poem about the day the twin towers fell and how it affected many people in different ways.

Thousands of innocent were killed that day,

Many watched smoke billow over the bay,

Attackers from that desert land

Struck our country with an iron hand,

The day the towers fell.

People screaming throughout the streets,

Many stumbling over their feet,

Police and firefighters tried to save,

All those people trapped that day,

The day the towers fell.

Unknown heroes bravely led,

The retaliation on Osama’s men,

Children crying in their mothers arms,

Praying their fathers were not in harm

The day the towers fell.

God, please guard this blessed land,

Keep it safe from that iron hand,

Watch over us night and day

Let no smoke rise over the bay.

The day the towers fell.

Liked it
  • Snuggles85 on Nov 30, 2009

    wow that is really good :)

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