You finally did it…boy did you do it
You’ve lost your very best friend
Your chance at love—you blew it
You made her hurt badly at the end

You’ve pained her on levels unknown 
She cannot even bear to see you
But you constantly check your phone
You and her both know that you’re a fool

I hope your proud of yourself

Two hearts intertwined, you ripped them apart
Unimaginable pain and damage to both parties
You have turned heart break into an art
You screwed yourself—no longer an anomaly 

Her whole perception of me has rightly changed
What she thought I was is opposite of what I am
Her perfect picture? , amateurish with a broken frame
It’s the worst when you are the worst to your biggest fan

You did the right thing, so why don’t you feel right? 

Is it because you’ve waited too long to do right? 
In which case I’m worse off than I thought
You’ve cried every time I inquired in the night
I hope you didn’t lose this battle before you fought

Is it because you did it out of obligation not want? 
You didn’t want to but the rules said you must so you did
You didn’t have the right heart condition to be blunt
Was this all for not? The answer was always hid

The answers by questions have been overrun 
But I guess it doesn’t matter because the deed is done   

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