Strange things become clear.

 Laying in bed I had only been able to catch a few winks between thumps and yells from the busy neighborhood I lived in. Echoing screams of a Harley Davidson across the street as Jesse Hughes fine tunes yet another bike. Jesse bought the vacant lot next to his house and opened a Harley shop. Most days he would have two for three bikes in his shop, for some reason, today he has eight.

 Directly across the street from my home sits a small carpet outlet. A preacher(don’t recall his name) bought this shop a few years back and manages to keep his doors open with the scarce traffic on this “out of the way” road.  Looking back I don’t recall having seen many customers pull onto his lot in the 4 years I spent in that house, although I can clearly recall his congregations on Sundays meeting at the carpet store for Sunday service. I thought it odd that they would hold church services in a carpet store, but looking back, I guess you have to make the best of what you have.On this day in particular he had around thirty people sitting in a half circle, row in front of row watching as the preacher gave his sermons.

 I rolled over and tucked my head beneath my pillow. I could likely have fallen asleep listening to the sermon and the “amens” if not been for the revving of the Harley. Fifteen minutes pass…..twenty minutes…..forty five minutes…   I leaned over the edge of the bed and plugged the old box fan in that sets in the corner next to my bed. Not sitting near the bed because of a lack of air-flow in my bedroom, but for drowning the outside noise from my head. The fan clicks on and the heavy humming of the near beat-to-death box fan begins filling the room and my ears with just the distraction I need. I found myself falling to sleep.

  When I woke all things were changed. The sounds around me seem to be frozen, I could still hear all the same sounds I heard before I fell asleep, but now they seem to be suspended in time. The air felt much denser. As I pulled myself out of bed, my body almost seemed to push the air as it moved. Something was not right here, something had happened while I slept! Something deep inside me earged me to go outside. This would change my life forever…

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