It was just a glimpse when a strange feeling caught me. But to my great trepidation, I fall for the wrong person…:)

I saw him once before

as he passed by the door,

“dog! dog, dog! dog!” my heart beats faster

“Oh my!”  are the words I could only utter

The birds sing, “twit! twit!, twit! twit! ” 

as the clock sounds “ticktock!, ticktock!”  

As if time goes slow

but he doesn’t really know

“My God! What is this I’m feeling?

I do like him but for him I don’t have something.

I just found myself on him staring, 

and my cheeks keep on blushing

“Woo!!” my body starts shaking, 

and my memory is now leaving

All I know is just one thing,

that I found myself on him silently cheering

I really want to ask him,

“Hey! May I know your name?”

but I am eaten by my oozing shame,

it feels like i am in a flame

“Oh my!” Where is he going? 

On the group of girls he’s chatting? 

What is he doing?

“Gosh!!! On the boys, he is flirting

The fantasies that filled had suddenly left me

In a glimpse, my felicity had been just taken away

“Oh!!” it really hurts! The person who was everything to me,

Unexpectedly, a good-looking guy but a girl-hearted gay

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  • kent on Aug 10, 2012

    super like!!!

  • may on Aug 10, 2012


  • remma on Aug 10, 2012

    Oh.. You must be very disappointed..cute.

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