I can’t wait til all of the colors of spring emerge.

I saw it today, the first wildflower of the season,

It filled my heart with unending joy,

Finally after the barren winter, Life;

Life in the form of a vibrant Wildflower,

Yellow in color with petals seeking the sun,

Feeling it’s warmth after the long cold winter;

I saw in it Hope, hope that winter has ended,

No more snow, no more frigid cold,

No more cloudy and freezing days,

With the chilling wind that pierces your very soul,

Finally sun; and warmth and color;

Winter is so desolate and bare,

The lack of color depresses me;

I need sun, I need to feel it’s heat on my face,

And now I have hope that it’s here to stay,

Here for the next few seasons at least;

Bringing with it the roasting summer,

And days on the lake, oh how I missed them;

Stretched out on a beach towel,

Listening to the waves and the gulls;

In this one flower I find redemption…

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