I can’t wait until it all falls down.

Time keeps ticking away
Pushing everybody into the fray
And you hesitate, afraid of what might happen
And you’ll eventually sit alone, silent and shaken

You leave and vow to never come back
And you don’t even see what you lack
You use people and throw them away
And I can’t wait to see the day
When it all falls down around your feet
And you’ll sit alone and silently weep
And wish again for the life you once had
But everyone knew it was a dying fad

And you, so high up on your little throne
You don’t know it but you’re all alone
And I can’t wait to see you fall
Sit and smile at the silence of it all
And you’ll cry yourself to sleep because no one came
You finally realized you’ve lost the game
And I’ll sit and smile as you crumble
Point and laugh as you fumble, tumble
Down into your own personal Hell
I’ve got some words written there, well
You’ll read them all and not understand
What it really takes to be a friend
And I’ll smile, safely on the ground
And never forget the time you unwound

Speed away into distortion
But wait, you’ve taken too much of the portion
And the world will at last fade to black
And you’ll only wish to go back
To the time when you had everybody for you
And they weren’t all trying to destroy you
But you burned that bridge long ago
And never even stopped to see us go
And now you’re alone in your dying moment
And there’s a sinking feeling in your stomach
A pain that just won’t numb
With a handle of the finest rum

And here I am, watching you all go
And remembering when we were friends, so long ago
And I’ll let the time pass me by
And I’ll always stop to wonder why
Everything happens to people we knew
And what happened before they threw
Themselves away into their own little worlds
And then cried as it all unfurled
And they’ll whine and complain as it all comes apart
And never stop to watch their own part

Liked it
  • Josephine Stefani on Aug 18, 2012

    Wow .. easily one of the best poems I’ve read in a while. This covers a lot of dark thoughts that happens to the most humble of people. Thank you for sharing!

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