Dedicated to someone who is no longer in my life, but moved it nontheless.

Her, the girl who possesses the very core of my soul in the palm of her hand. The angel that picked up the broken pieces of my heavy heart; just to return them back in place ever so gently and perfectly that I can no longer stand, but fall witheringly to my knees. Many men claim that their love lay to far across the seas, it would be their breathless end to swim. Yet I can say only that thou are with me this very moment. Thou fill my head at the very moment I shut my weary eyes. In this moment, she is here. So close to me until i fear; she will disappear. It is then, that I shall take that last train home. Oh just looking at her, me unknowingly knowing, that you never knew; for the girl but which I speak of, is you.

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