A almost complete upload of a notebook. No pictures just the words.

Verse I

The reaper is coming, druming on my chest,

Time to stand our ground, and do my best

I cant just sit back, i wont lose again.

A kiss that feels like dynamite,

Stolen in the cold rain of the night.

And none of this is real, it all slips me by.

Everytime it comes around

Your laying face down on the ground,

The drug and drink dont mix, your given a brain try to think

Im feeling useless, sat in these walls

you dont know that you caused this all.

The drug and drink dont mix, you know what to do, try not to sink

Bridge I

And you’ve got 2 more steps to the reapers graps

Walk away son, bow your head

Bridge II

For the girl with the dynamite kiss.

This song feels like its for you, with the emotion of fear that i feel is due


And you’ve got 2 more steps to take

And you’ve got 1 more heart to break

so wake up angel, its a long walk home

so wake up angel, if its ment to be, why do i sleep alone?

Verse II

You never really could care with your heart,

every time you try to use it it pushes you apart.

You’ve got a taste for this, a taste for blood

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