A poem about the change in Guy Montag in the novel Fahrenheit 451.


I am an intellectual, knowledge seeking hobo,

I wonder if mankind will ever be ready for books,

I hear the screams of Beatty as he is burnt,

I see fellow firemen talking about their love of books,

I want to share my love of books with the world,

I am intellectual knowledge seeking hobo.

I pretend to follow Beatty orders,

I feel enriched about sharing my knowledge,

I touch Mildred when I first met her,

I worry about the mechanical hound chasing me down,

I cry about what misfortunes has happened to Clarisse,

I am an intellectual knowledge seeking hobo.

I understand that book of Ecclesiastes,

I say books are the key to finding true happiness,

I dream of a time when knowledge will be accepted,

I try to learn from Faber,

I hope to be able to witness a new age for man,

I am an intellectual knowledge seeking hobo.

I am Guy Montag.

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