Implicit faith in God and in ourselves can help blunt the edge of fear and anxiety and keep us well-focused toward our intended goals in life.

How often do we feel secure

           in faith and its belief,

More so when we are unsure

            of finding some relief -

The only way that we can somehow

              Mitigate our grief.

Faith in ourselves alone,

               in how we act and do

Burdened with commitments –

                problems old and new,

From which there can be no escape –

                  nor can at all eschew. 

The only avenue that is

                    paved with love and bliss –

The one direction we can take

                      is nothing short of this:

Faith in God and ourselves –

                       one way we cannot miss.



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  • BruceW on Jan 12, 2011

    So true. People are much more easily duped into believing in gods when they are anxious or grieving. False comfort can be better than no comfort at all.

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