A question about are there inferior languages.

say that my language,
that my ancestors so sage,
by my ancestors with knowledge,
by my ancestors to show their rage,
has now come of age,
to break this bondage,
this bandage.
Since this language,
this culture and religion has purge,
as they had to gorge,
it when they claimed ours was inferior.
   But now,
its clear and clean like snow,
because its taking the bow,
to shoot straight to the sky high,
and hence becoming ’superior’.
 This is a renaissance,
where there is importance,
when one takes a glance,
at this really rich language,
My ancestor fought to keep,
from dying with their leap,
of faith, that it woul survive in this era and an area,
like bacteria, in Iceland.
 They geniously,
fabricated a system where i,
lose and loose my identity,
to chain my mind,
and hand.
prevented and averted a renaissance,
where my language,
my culture and my religion reign,
like the rain,
of spears and arrow,
against their barbaric language,
culture and religion we had to borrow,
to help them in the usage,
of the land.
   I am livid,
that they had to bid,
a whole continent to aid,
their ailing economies full poverty,
and impunity.
Which they spread like the bushfire of the savanna,
making leaders who are now,
greedy like hyena,
in their attempt to  borrow,
their ideologies-the doctrine,
of those who had the courtesy to bid,
this wonderful continent to aid,
them acquire ‘wealth’
    Yet the system are the path,
straight to the gallow,
especially when we continue to kill ourselves,
like the free roaming animals who don’t value lives,
that they kill for survival,
is that a rule in political world or bestial,
world i cöntinue to wonder and ponder,
they had to alienate us from our world and lay yonder,
in a world of civilization?
We should give birth at the berth and spread it to the hinterland,
to rid this notion,
that they left western civilization.
Since that was western alienation
of my culture, my religion and my language.

Liked it
  • fslshuvo001 on Jun 9, 2012

    lovely post. i like it.

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