The name Lotus-eaters alone has created a lot of curiosity inside my brain so I have done a little investigation into this unique title. Will you take the journey with me down this exciting discovery into the Land of the Lotus-Eaters today?




The Lotus-eaters were people from an island near North Africa who would eat the flowers and fruits from the Lotus tree.  The fruits and flowers were the sole source of food on the island and once eaten, the people would fall into a peaceful sleep.


Odysseus and his men from Odyssey IX were on the high seas for many days and the violent winds had blown them to the land of the Lotus-Eaters. They drank fresh water and ate close to the ship.  Soon after, Odysseus had sent some of his men to investigate the Lotus-Eaters, also known as Lotophagi or Lotophaguses.


The Lotus-eaters were peaceful people and they offered Odysseus’ men fruit from the Lotus tree.  The men said that the lotus was delicious and they had stayed with the Lotus-eaters to continue to eat the fruit.  Odysseus’ men had no desire to return back to their homes, for the fruit had cast them into an apathetic state.


When Odysseus had forced his drugged men back to the ship, they had cried out in bitterness.  They quickly left the land of the Lotus-eaters and headed back for home.




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