A poem revealing the true story of the icicicle.




Here is the story of the icicle

And how the legend came to light

It began two-thousand years prior

On a beautiful, starlit night

For our Savior was born in Bethlehem

A very long time ago

And the angels in the heavens

Gazed at the child below

The angels were so happy

At the blessed, joyous birth

They shed great tears of happiness

That fell upon the earth

God was so touched by the angels’ devotion

He caught their tears in His hand

He captured that essence forever

And showered it onto the land

Those tears formed perfect icicles

With an iridescent shine

Twinkling in the starlight

Wondrous and divine

Now when you see a beautiful icicle

You’ll be reminded of its worth

Because it truly is a tear

Wept at Jesus’ birth!

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