A narrative poem for the young minds.

there was once a lost boy who was very, very bad.
and being lost in a place made him very, very sad.

he cried and cried and cried until
he found a 100-peso bill.

he picked it up and wondered,”whose bill can this be?
i may just keep it and say it belongs to me.”

he looked around and found a girl who was very sad.
then he asked, “why are you feeling so bad?”

the girl responded, “i lost my bill.”
she was very sad until, until
the boy returned the 100-peso bill.

then, he felt happy because he had done something good,
now he is already in a good mood.

and then, he realized, the girl was pretty.
he then said,”she is the prettiest girl i ever did see.”

they became good friends and grew up together,
until they asked their mother and father,
“can we get married?”
and then, they did.

they became so happy and had a family
with children full of grace and beauty.

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