A poem set in the jungle about a Lynx and a Porcupine. It’s about the cruel irony of nature where you never know till the last moment as to who is the hunter and who is the victim.

I crouch low, still
The darkness embracing me
In its massive cape
But, for a few spots
Of frozen sparks

Creak creak creak
A cricket sings somewhere
My world ahead of me
All my will ahead of me
My ignorant victim ahead of me

I creep closer,
My elegant paws
Tracing a noiseless path
Penetrating the stillness
Through the brittle ground…

Snap! Crackle!
Our eyes lock
Awe, I watch you
Fear, you watch me
Stillness, silence…
Creak creak creak

My victim, you flare up
Your thorny back
Blossoming, I witness,
Of a black ugly flower
Sharp black needles are petals

I pounce
Pain in my eye
Pain in my paw
Pain in my neck
A horrible moan, mine

My victim, you ran
But left me with pain
Your black ugly petals
Of your black ugly flower
Viciously stab me

My neck is numb
My paw will limp
Your poisonous petals lay innocent
On the jungle ground
My world is less clear

Everything seems red
My eye burns
Like a jungle fire burns
My victim, your thorn still
Rigid, painful, in my eye

One eye blind
I limp away
Towards the imminence
Of my demise
Survival of the cruelest

My victim,
now I am your victim…

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