On seeing a newly married couple’s busy works on them I remembered my days of the newly married life and inspired me to write this poem seeking pardon.

The newlywed groom committed sex
On the softness of his wife
The newlywed pretty girl was attractive
So much that the onlookers couldn’t look on her face
Her husband was enough naughty!
It was in a running train inside.

The newlywed bride accepted kiss
On the reddish of her husband
The newlywed handsome boy was heroic
So much that the families couldn’t took on his stiff
His wife was adequate open!
It was in a running train inside.

Go on you young man of twenty
Lie on you fair sex of teenage
Handsome is what handsome does
Your bride is so pretty and modest
So calm and well behaved all the way!
It was in a running train inside.

They respected everybody present as a miracle
The horizon of love was missing from them
Come Jupiter as a Chief Guest to this family
A day will come on them with a creation
Come Lord as the Living God to this couple!
It was in a running train inside.

His lovely wife accepted and comforted
Though it anointed her like an earthquake
There was no disturbance no objection all the way
O you young guy O you young guest
A fantastic scene both of you left on us!
It was in a living time inside.

The running train welcomed them more
As they were enjoying without pride and prejudice
Look the Law as a Chief Prosecutor to their offence
A sense will overrun their heart and soul at last
They are children of Adam and Eve in the Genesis!
It was in a wedding bed inside.

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