She is 91 years old.

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Her husband is dead

She lives with her eldest daughter and her son-in-law in a town near Pittsburgh

She travels by plane all over the nation

To see her adult children and their families

She will spend Thanksgiving in Texas

Her son the poet lives in Pittsburgh

He is afraid to fly

Something left over from Vietnam

The End

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  • bigpapadan on Nov 23, 2010

    wow, Guy; I like this one alot.

  • albert1jemi on Nov 23, 2010

    well written

  • yes me on Nov 23, 2010

    Liked this one cheers

  • Jimmy Shilaho on Nov 23, 2010


  • lpshady on Nov 23, 2010

    well done

  • LoveDoctor on Nov 23, 2010

    I am a bit confused here. she lives with her eldest daughter and son in law in Pittsburgh, but yet she travels around the world to see her family. So she must have family all over the world. At 91, she must a very strong woman to fly. Perhaps, her family should make special arrangements to come down and see her. For the son poet afraid to fly, is this you? lol. well in any case, there are buses and trains.

  • Tulan on Nov 23, 2010

    it must be your mother, give her my congratulations.

  • Yovita Siswati on Nov 23, 2010

    reminds me of my late grandmother. God bless her.

  • Santacabby on Nov 23, 2010

    like this….:)

  • A9YnD1LV3R on Nov 24, 2010

    nice, i like this too.

  • jamesII on Nov 24, 2010

    Touchy! Loving! No replacement to a mother’s love. War wrecks!

  • Nikolaos Skordilis on Nov 28, 2010

    Nice read!

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