The partition can be a piece of Music. The partition can also be a seperation of two countries for example Burundi and Rwanda where once Ruanda-Urundi under the German Protectorate. Burundi became a Republic on this day of November 28 in 1966 before it was a Kingdom and their are countries like North Korea and South Korea who are still struggling to reunite.

The transformation of country from kingdom

to republic is slow because there are still

habits that are kept for the people of the kingdom

are all around the world and many people still

know only about them so then you know when kingdom

has problems it is usually a problem filiation which is still

hard to manage because there are still fertil kingdom

and others who have to work hard on exogamy and still

the wars are obstacles as well as the modus vivendi of a kingdom

therefore we should be able to do whatever possible within range still

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