Learning to live in the present.

The past is the past,

we can only learn from it,

learn how not to regret our mistakes,

 learn how not to hate ourselves,

because of the mess we made,

and to accept the change.



Accept that sometimes ships sink,

and we can’t save the entire crew,

the only thing we can do is row on.



Row on,

even if it feels like it’s downhill,


you just go on,

because a map isn’t drawn on the back of your palm.




the curves disguise the destination.




the destination sits out in the middle of the sea,

if we can’t swim or float,

we travel by air.



Why fly,

when we have hearts that can do it for us?



I won’t be passing you ever again,

because you’re part of my past,

a bad dream that left me cold and afraid.



Not part of the present,

a gift I’d be happy to receive.



I cut your part out,

you can’t just sew yourself back in.


The past is the past,

and sunk ships don’t return to shore.

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