Older than time.

You know what i find i am troubled by the lack of enthusiasm for poetry and its smaller parts, the love that can be generated by words and the feelings that can be walked into by what you write are so powerful and stimulating that we really should not ignore the inner feelings generated by what we see. use the stimulus to promote our work take hold of the beauty in life to write better and sell yourself to the world. never let go until you feel that you have sold your message and been listened to. Poetry is as old as time and was used to woo the fairer sex and generate love for each other let it be kept alive and grow in its form, let it be held and passed on like it once was, and enjoy what you do because that is the key to life itself.

I am the poet i write from the heart

I am the melody that sings in rhyme

I am the rhythm the starter of life

I am the love older than time

I am the page always to be read

To give you a message that can not be said


Love of the world, let your heart race

The love in my words light up your face

Older than time and still given the power

To enter your heart no matter the hour

Stronger than lust, more beat when apart

I am the poet i write from the heart……

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