This is a paper I wrote a while back about love in Romeo and Juliet.

The Power of Love

            In “Romeo and Juliet” the reader becomes aware of the power of love in Act II, through the actions of Romeo, Juliet, Friar Laurence, and the nurse. As an illustration of this, in Scene One of Act II, Romeo leaps over an orchard wall in order to find his love, Juliet. To any other human this would seem an amazing feat, but Romeo was motivated by love. In Scene 2 Romeo states, “With love’s light wings did I o’er perch these walls.” Juliet could not believe that he was able to accomplish it. Furthermore, in Scene III, Friar Laurence is amazed by the change that has occurred in Romeo. In the Act I Romeo was down trodden and weary. Now however, he is happy and lives life with a renewed vigor that Juliet has given him; just another example of the power of love. His love made him forget his old attraction to Rosaline. In fact I think Romeo has shoved that old fancy to the very back of his mind. Even further, throughout the Act, Friar Laurence and the nurse go against what they have been told. So that Romeo and Juliet can get married. Their love for each other has made others risk their safety so they could get married. Friar Laurence thinks that this will stop the feud between the two families. The nurse also arranges the whole affaire. The power of love is best shown in Act II by the actions taken by the two lovers, and those around them.

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