This is a poem about a promise made in love.

Believing what you said to me, I vowed to be secure

In what I felt, the disparity, I was not very sure

You broke my heart and let it go, I did not want to be

A notion or a simple prize to show, I wanted to be free

Freedom with you is what I dared, and my heart devoured every word

Of the renewed vow that you soulfully bared, your wanted to be heard

I came across your sweater one day, the one you left behind

Its texture soothed my weary way, I kept it safe and sound

You brought back words and certainty, you said you would be true

I ascertained a clarity that let me come back to you

So now I take it all in stride,what we have just begun

I laugh with giddiness inside, for the that we have won

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