Poem about a purple plum tree….

My son planted for me, with skill and dexterity,

a beautiful plum tree, there’s no other in parity…

How I behold this tree, I just smile with glee,

in summer we come and sit, to the birds its a hit…

Its a shade from the sun, in abundance it grows,

a haven for everyone, its juices just flows,

Produces wholesome fruitage, so delicious and sweet,

gives more with age, its here we all meet…

It feeds us all, our neighbours and friends,

there’s always more, it never seems to end,

I thank you my son, for your skill in this,

for what you have done, will never go amiss…

My son did this for me, he dug planted and sowed,

the purple plum tree, and God made it grow………end

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  • ceegirl on Dec 23, 2009

    Very nice

  • Stan Wilson on Dec 23, 2009

    thank you ceegirl

  • Authoress Terry E. Lyle on Dec 23, 2009

    What a wonderful son…and great story.

  • 8Shei8 on Dec 23, 2009

    Nicely written!

  • mikky webs on Dec 24, 2009

    Well put my dear. I like your last statement ‘My son did this for me, he dug planted and sowed,

    the purple plum tree, and God made it grow………end’ I mean, that is how good it should be for every good and God fearing son.

  • jaysonv on Dec 24, 2009

    Great post. I like it. Very Interesting. Thanks for sharing it with us.



  • drelayaraja on Dec 24, 2009

    Great son :) great poem :)

  • Stan Wilson on Dec 24, 2009

    thank you all for your comments

  • Joan on Dec 25, 2009

    Very nice poem….good caring son!!!

  • Dame Barbara on Dec 25, 2009

    This poem was deliciously grand!!!!

  • Snicker on Dec 27, 2009


  • PhoenixRox on Dec 29, 2009

    This was very sweeet..Such a nice son :)

  • Hettie on Jan 9, 2010

    Hmmm purple plums yum, climbing trees to reach them oh such fun. thanks for the memories

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