Why have we all heard this expression? Why is it so powerful?

This is indeed one of the most powerful phrases we have all heard:

Carpe diem” is an oft-heard and expressed widely quoted.

The term emerges from Latin and means to reap the day, grab the moment.

Although this expression is often attributed to Walt Whitman, American Poet, the earliest records of its use dates from the year 65 BC, from the Latin Poet Horace.

The poet uses this expression when he rejoices a friend to enjoy the present before it becomes past.

The Poet Horace refers to the “envious time that flies as we speak” as well as the “harvested day, the day today” because “tomorrow will never be trusted


Returning to the Carpe Diem expression, the use that gave it more visibility was in “Dead Poets Society” movie.

It aimed to remember the students that Life is too short and should be lived daily.


And so,

Carpe Diem

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