Faust gets away with it in the opera but will you, will I? Will we ever be able to undo what we have done and bitterly regret? Can we ever take back the idle word which, like a poisoned dart has left its mark and its corruption in the psyche of some poor soul?

On the sunlit ways,
At the start of life,
I stood tall, hard and brave.
And the people they cheered,
Whilst the Devil he leered,
Waiting my wants to be told.
He grinned at me,
As I stood brave and free.
A friendly conspiratorial grin.
“Whatever you want, my lucky lad,
Hold back no lusts nor ambitions.
I’m waiting.
Your wants to be told.
I smiled at the Devil,
As he reached out his hand,
I saw him lick his lips.
But I heard the crowd cheer,
My every move.
My wants to be told.
The Devil he smiled,
A sad lonely smile.
Then he turned
With a voice of oil saying.
“You could be a god, my lucky lad.
And I’m waiting,
Your wants,
To be told.”
I have wealth and power.
And I have the cheers,
Of fools who will love your great splendour.
And whatever is mine,
Whatever is yours,
I’ll give, in the end,
To another.”
I set out brave,
On the road of life.
I had money success and power.
I had women and slaves.
Was surrounded by friends,
Who laughing,
Intreated my favour.
I had wealth galore.
And fame as well,
Prime Ministers sought me out.
They begged me for tips,
And jobs for the boys.
And laughing,
I heard them out.
News I owned, transport too.
Nations owed me favours.
With food and drink,
I liked to think,
By feeding the few,
Whole legions,
Cringed for my handouts.
Colossus strode across the world.
I thought I was that giant.
But I felt the cold,
Of growing old.
As Colossus turned to mock me.
Too late I knew, as old and cold,
No longer self-reliant.
At the bleak seer ways.
At the end of it all.
I cringed in mortal terror.
And the Devil he smiled,
And the smile was cold.
As the wind is cold,
Blowing across Arctic wastes.
At the burning way
At eternity’s end.
And at terror’s stark beginning.
I regretted it all.
And I wanted to change.
But with naked despair,
I shrieked,
At the real beginning.

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