A poem about the winding road of life.

Standing at the crossroads of life,
Suitcase in my hand, my heart stretched far.
Walking away from all the strife,
Roaming the land, chasing my star.

Dancing hand in hand with a blue moon,
Down a road less traveled, draped in fresh dew.
The road stretches on, not ending soon,
As each step taken awakens a memory anew.

Things were so simple then,
Before we all grew old.
We dreamt of being mighty men,
Oh the stories we were told!

The world used to be so bright,
But now it’s turned to grey.
The darkness crafts a veil of night,
The innocence has gone away.

Our eyes aren’t the same as they used to be,
They’re tainted with blood,
They’ve lost their glee.
Their amber waves have turned to mud.

But the road goes on, into the twilight,
Creeping like a beanstalk.
This life continues, into the night,
And I continue to walk.

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