He wrote the stories.

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At night he walked with shoulders hunched against the cold wind

The collar of his fatique jacket turned up

His cloth cap pulled down

His glove-less hands deep in the coat pockets

He looked into windows

He stopped people on the streets

He stopped a woman on the street

Do you have a story to tell me?

I’ll tell you my story if you buy me some drinks

I have no money

Then I’ll buy you a few drinks

And this is her story

The End

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Liked it
  • bigpapadan on Dec 18, 2010

    Now that is great stuff. I feel the for the protagonists questing spirit.

  • AlmaG on Dec 18, 2010

    I hope that there’s a part 2 to this…

  • PSingh1990 on Dec 19, 2010

    Nice Share.


  • john smither on Dec 19, 2010

    Good story in this piece.

  • quiet voice on Dec 19, 2010

    You have an interesting mind. Love the “The end”. Take care.

  • albert1jemi on Dec 19, 2010

    great post

  • PR Mace on Dec 20, 2010

    We all have stories to tell. My older brother wants me to write my life story. He thinks it would sale. Myself, I don’t want to relive the past.

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