A tale of a young boy named Gorf.

              Hello, my name is Gorf. I live in the town of Nyeptyilaan, where everyone has no manners. They burp,they cough ,and they sneeze and not once do they say “excuze me”. I have lived with this nonsence my whole life and I know not what to do. If only someone could take me away to a new place, where I can live in peace. Yesterday was the worst so far. I went to school and everyone was pooing on the floor. I could not move anywhere for there was poo in ever possible space. I descided it was too much for me so i descided i was going to kill myself. When I was walking home from school that day I went to the military store and bought a small hand grenade. I put it in my mouth and counted to 5, i only got up to 3. So as you are reading my story you must ask yourself a question. What came first the chicken or the egg?

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