I wrote this poem after having witnessed the life a friend of mine was living. She made some decisions that left her with scars and this explains some of the feelings that she dealt with.

Take me away from this world

Away from all this pain

Save me before I die

Don’t make me carry all this shame

Take me to my master

Let him make his judgements

What could be worse?

I’ve had my share of punishments

This has become too much to bear

This load is weighing me down

How can you say I’m beautiful?

When all I can do is frown

They look down on me

I’m their biggest mistake

It wasn’t meant to be

I’m treated like a fake

They say I’m not worth it

I’m a waste of time

If you could feel what I feel

I guarantee you’d wanna die

Allow me to paint you a picture

I’ll show you what I mean

Pay very close attention

It might seem like a dream

Now watch this next stroke

It crosses here and there

It’s the symbol of pain

You can see it everywhere

There is no stroke of love

Love does not exist here

Do you see this thick stroke?

It’s the stroke of fear…

By: Sara Reddecopp

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