A poem I wrote in frustration over stressful events.

The car payment,

the insurance,

the water bill,

the lights,

the fight over money,

and the sleepless nights.

Yard needs mowing,

the mail box is broke,

and the scent of the neighbor’s

septic tank is making me choke.

Waking up every morning,

with a large sense of dread,

I take a deep breathe,

and drag my feet out of bed.

I hit the floor ,

and head out the door,

and try to face my day,

and I try to fight through,

the trials and tribulations,

in my way.

No matter what I do,

it always ends in trouble,

and I lay my head upon the pillow,

most days I am defeated by the struggle.

Yet every day,

I press on filled with hope,

no matter how much the struggle ,

brings me to the end of my rope,

somehow I get through it,


I cope.

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  • fslshuvo001 on Jul 28, 2012

    You are right. Thanks for such article.
    I like it.

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