Love, Betrayal and Desolation ultimately.

The dying notion of far distance whispers of an elegant voice,

Is fading away with the commotion of high-tech jamboree noise.

The tight hold of your tender fingers is straying away and away,

Vigilant enough to scan the parting; even in silent say.

Haunted by the reminiscence of the era spent together,

With cold and solitary heart, now I can’t fly any farther.

No say with a say in your benign and quixotic words,

Are now stabbing me forlornly and ruthlessly alike a sword.

Thinking and only thinking about the desires and aspirations lay past,

Bloomed high, sailed forth and spread aloft but inopportunely did not last.

Deep down pounding heart beats crave of an undesired blinking,

Virtual reveries and Imperial fantasies, deep within are sinking.

Forever and ever,

Wishing for an intricate blessing of an inseparable relationship,

If not fulfilled, oh lord! Sooner or later I aspire to sail on a lethal ship.

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