You have to study what are the names. It helps to understand. There are names, which remind you of a language you know for example the name of the Empress of Ethiopia is Saba, which means ask in Kirundi and Kinyarwanda and the number seven in Kiswahili.

Where the Mediterrenean Sea meets,

that is the interpretation of the world,

that is when you know where it meets,

and what has to say to us the world.

Therefore, you ask someone to marry you,

and that is the best expression of love,

the person will say yes or no to you

depending sometimes on your love.

Now, you know what to think,

about this of course,

when you know what is to think,

for this cause of course.

You have to be kind with nature,

and of course with yourself,

to get of course all that nature,

has to offer to everybody and yourself.

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