When you meditate, before the mind is stilled, there are thought gaps, like the stars we peek into when the clouds clear up at night… And when we’re finally in a "trance" we see what the universe is like…

The Universe Behind the Fogs Image from Wikipedia Image from Wikipedia

At twilight, my bedside clock
ticks by and even as my body
is at rest, my mind is in a
whirl, thick with a faint tableau
depicting my day’s humdrum

Behold. The images I see are
like wraiths flashing up on my
mental screen, one after the
other in quick succession!
Hark. I hear distractions, too,
like waves breaking on my
inner shore and drowning out
the mantra I hum!

But oh, so sweet is the
aroma of incense wafting
through the air as if merging
with prana which I breathe
with undulating rhythm!

Then, when the fogs clear up,
as always, I will slip into deep
and dreamless oblivion, into
a silent void, another dimension
where our thoughts crisscross
and travel across the universe.

And where we will remember
that in the beginning, there was
and still is only one of us.

Liked it
  • Phoenix Montoya on Dec 11, 2011

    Thought provoking kabs. Specially the last lines, effective finale.

  • sheilanewton on Dec 19, 2011

    I adored the whole poem – but especially the last stanza – WOW! Brilliant work, Buzz.

  • Buzz J on Dec 24, 2011

    Thanks guys.

  • ittech on Jan 1, 2012


    nice MSG

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