The correspondences of the Tree of Life’s fruits, in externals.

                        I ate an unknown fruit today.

                        Its taste overwhelming; better than any ever before.

                        It was similar in structure to an apple and an orange.

                        The outer rough was pure brass.

                        As I sunk my teeth beneath,

                        I discovered that the pulp was pure silver.

                        And upon eating further inward,

                        The seedlings where exposed—They were of pure gold.

                        I ate with more content then ever have I before.

                        I was overfilled with pleasure, happiness, and more.

                        I felt the effects of these magical metals coursing into

                        Every minute part of my being.

                        The tree from whence this fruit came was centered upon a

                        Firmament of land, amidst, between two crystal clear rivers.

                        It was metallic in appearance, with an inner glow.

                        But hummed with life’s resonance.

                        It appeared to breathe and sway, as if animated.

                        I saw a man, who was clothed in bright gleaming light,

                        Strolling nearby.

                        Face shining as a sun, a rainbow above his head.

                        I asked if he knew of this tree, with this so perfect a fruit.

                        He smiled and replied,

                        It is the Tree of Life.

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