I wrote this poem as to say why do some of us really marry.

Why should a man take a vow

Just to take a woman and marry her now

Why should he wed, when he easily could of fled

Should he buy the milk if he already has the cow.

Why should a man ever promise his life

With the stipulation that a woman becomes his wife

As the two will become one, from sunset to dawn

Why would any man accept that strife.

Why must a man wed just to be merry

As he takes the woman’s worries along to carry

By taking that mate, which she swore is his fate

Then someday one of their lives they’ll have to bury.

Why should a man ultimately give up his way

How he lives his life or how he spends his pay

By changing his living, and accepting new grieving

For that man I feel sorrow, and for him I will pray.

Randy L. McClave

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