I don’t believe in waiting forever. If you want something, you’ll get it. If you desire it, you’ll cherish and keep it..

These feelings are new but the fact remains they are felt.

Love isn’t a game but I am mindful of the cards I’ve been dealt.

I wait for the day I can tell the story: down on one knee I knelt

As we disengaged from our pasts and watched together as the stains would melt.

The timing was inconvenient; the situation was uncanny

As you mentioned time and time again how much you couldn’t stand me

Or at least my sarcastic ways, or the fact that I, somehow, was always right.

Do you remember the time that the only thing that shined was my stereo lights

As we danced the night away, or the morning, I should say,

Before you had to pack your bags as we went our separate ways?

It all lead up to this point at which you became a mini me

And we hate being apart, out of one another’s vicinity,

But you are worth the wait, and I thank you for waiting this long

Although I have brought you to tears and I may have done you wrong.

I’m ready to take the next step, whatever that step may be,

But I refuse to walk this path without you as my lady..

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