The deeds of man have taken each live specie on the verge of extinction. The story of poor Nature’s pains and how Earth will end up in a hot bowl of fire.

Nature created the magical water,

Where the plants and animals started to totter.                                         

They all came to the majestic land,

Where all of them walked hand in hand.

All was merry, fine and good,

Until one day the humans came.

Against the Nature as the stood,

Free animals they started to tame.

And one day, ice age arrived,

Most species soon died.

But with the sun shining,

The world set a new beginning.

Humans took the world in their hand,

Whether the water, air or land.

No one was safe with their arrival,

They turned out to be the Nature’s biggest rival.

Nature too caused calamities,

But they came out with new technologies.

The transition soon began to linger,

The earth was in complete danger.

But the humans never understood,

And I don’t think ever they would.

The planet begins to cry,

They are the one’s who have to try.

Try to get what almost beyond us,

But all of them will start to fuss.

It will all mess around,

The earth will no longer be round.

We all will soon be eaten,

They, the humans would be beaten.

If the beautiful Nature they can’t admire,

The world will soon be set on fire.

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