Force is used when peace cannot be applied.

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It is responsibility to control others action

For those behaviors that are viewed as a threat

The world’s police are an acceptable solution

A legacy to influence others misdeeds

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If you attack a country or a people

In a land that is not your own

You might be judge as a problem

Especially if it is not your home

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The use of force is not always best

Because it burns up your precious resources and produces stress

The world’s police are a quick solution to a continuous problem

As time are our witness and judge for tomorrow

It all began on a September morn more than a decade ago

A mighty blow to a powerful country by foes that few people know

It result in the birth of an organization

To protect our security and home

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With a purpose and mission to right others wrongs

The world’s police was created and born

So beware to all that will do us harm

The response will be sharp and fatal

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They will not stop until the action is complete

Or until the foe is gone

The force that remains will forever be present

In many shapes and forms

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It is a different world that we live in

Now that the World police has been formed

I feel the results in my travels and interaction

Nowhere to rest or sleep

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With more protect I feel less peace

There is no comfort with terrorism at my feet

The bad folks keep on coming and reproduce as we speak

An endless mission and challenge of the world police 

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