It may be misunderstood for some other sort of meaning like poverty or adoption. However, be forewarned, this poem describes abortion.

You’d be surprised how the lies inside revive me,

the pain that dwells inside lines me,

can you feel the dying glow, the painful sting, the crushing blow,

how can you?

For those of my kind are lyers and deceitful,

they’re this way because you all retreat from them,

you hate them,

Can you feel it,

how can you,

They write their pain from the blood that boils inside them,

hiding it with smiles and kind motions,

but the pain grows ever quickly,

and the smiles tend the break,

that darkened shattering glass, like you find in anime,

from time to time you see the fire that shakes your bodies bones,

you never ask yourselves why though,


you just continue on,

your days are gone,

with happiness you bond,

with your friends, with your fathers, with your mothers even still,

when his life was crushed when he was just a kid,

can you feel the pain,

how can you,

your silenced by your sin

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  • Ashley89 on Jan 6, 2010

    How some people can bring themselves to do this beats me but like the saying goes “to each his own” and I believe in that! Thanks for the share!

  • JamesHogan on Jan 6, 2010

    Thanks for the read friend

  • Mark Gordon Brown on Jan 6, 2010

    Although I am somewhat against it, we have no right judge. Absolutely no right at all.

  • JamesHogan on Jan 6, 2010

    Hm… In many ways you’re right. In essence we don’t have any right to judge. But we have the right to give our opinions right? With all do respect of course.

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